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Welcome to Rosewood Manor

Richmond Intermediate Care Society

Rosewood Manor is an outstanding non-profit residential care home for seniors providing 24-hour nursing care and supervision, recreation programs, and support services to residents and to the community at large. 

With an enormous increase projected in the number of seniors over the age of 85 in the next 10 years, Rosewood understands the need to look for creative solutions for increasing the care and health of seniors. We do that through exceptional care of residents and through an outreach program that has made a significant community impact.

Opened to serve the community in October, 1982, Rosewood originally had 120 single rooms on 2 floors. In 2004 Rosewood entered into a partnership with Richmond Health Services and the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority to add 30 new beds, for a total of 150 intermediate/complex care beds and 1 respite bed.

Rosewood is governed by the Richmond Intermediate Care Society, a non-profit organization, operated by a volunteer Board and funded by the Ministry of Health.

The Rosewood Manor Care Foundation, created in 2000, is a valuable source of supplementary funding to help us ensure that Rosewood is a place that people are proud to call home.