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About the Rosewood Manor Care Foundation

The mission of the Rosewood Manor Care Foundation is: To raise funds to support special programs and services to enhance the quality of care and life for Rosewood Manor residents, their families and our community.

History of the Rosewood’s Care Foundation

The Rosewood Manor Care Foundation is a registered Canadian charity. Amidst funding constraints in the health care sector, Rosewood Manor recognized the value of having its own foundation; one that is dedicated to partnering with the regional health authority by finding funds to enhance and expand the care for the seniors in our community. Since its launch in 2000, the Rosewood Manor Care Foundation (RMCF) has expanded its mission of supporting special projects within Rosewood to also providing support to the community outreach programs offered through Rosewood Manor.

Board of Directors & Staff

Barb Goodwin, President
Harold Zwick, Vice President
Cindy Lin, Treasurer
Mary Loa, Secretary
Robert Gonzalez
Lynn McPherson
Kenneth Tsang