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About the Rosewood Manor Care Foundation

How to Get Involved

Thinking about becoming a member of the Care Foundation?

If you think you might want to share your time and energy with this organization, the best place to start is by reading “About Board Membership”.

Every board is not for every one. The following link will help you get a sense of whether the Rosewood Manor Care Foundation (RMCF) is a good fit for your time, skills, personality and energy. We believe it is important that your participation on the RMCF creates a win/win relationship for you and for the Board and that you feel good about the time you share with Rosewood.
Thank you for your time and interest!

For more information, please call 604-271-3590 ext 132.

To volunteer at Rosewood, please contact the Manager of Recreation and Volunteers at
604-271-3590 ext 122, or e-mail.

For more volunteering information, click here.